Coen Molenaar 


Coen Molenaar is a fulltime musician, composer, teacher and producer working worldwide and in a wide range of styles like jazz, fusion, dance, funk, R&B, rock, neo-soul. Still touring with the legendary Jan Akkerman and his own groups like Tristan , The New Conrad Miller Trio and  On Impulse

Studied jazz-piano, with Bert van de Brink, Jasper van het Hof and Michiel Borstlap at the Utrecht Conservatory between 1989-1996. Working as a piano/ Ableton teacher at the Haarlem Conservatory since 2011.

Worked/ toured and recorded a.o.  With Jan Akkerman, Brown Hill, Randy Brecker (USA), Jamal Thomas (USA) Chris Hinze, Eddy de Clercq, Guthrie Govan(UK), Deborah Carter(USA), Berget Lewis, Do (piano on candlelight version Heaven), Edsilia Rombley, Josee Koning, Carole Denis/ Nick van Gelder (ex Jamiroquai) (UK), Ghazem Batamuntu (USA), and various Dutch singers: Lisa Noya, Angela Groothuizen, Julya Lo.Ko , Des'ray (Desiree Manders).







Enrique Firpi 


Enrique Firpi has been one of the most popular drummers in homeland Uruguay since his professional career started at the age of 16.

Having moved to Holland he has been working and touring with artists such as: Leonardo Amuedo, Randal Corsen, Sergio Mendes, Ivan Lins, Izaline Calister, Lilian Vieira, Deborah Carter and Tocar just to name a few.  

Next to his performing and recording activities, Enrique is also guest teacher at Amsterdam's and Utrecht's Conservatory.


David de Marez Oyens

David de Marez Oyens studied bass guitar and double bass at the Hilversum Conservatory and took arranging lessons with Jerry van Rooijen, Rik Elings and Kenny Napper. Since 1985, he has been teaching at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. He has given clinics and seminars on jazz, pop, latin, rock, fusion and Indian rhythms in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, France, Danmark, Greece, and the School of Music from the University of Miami. Tours have included Spain, France, former Yugoslavia, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Russia, Estonia, Japan, The Gambia, Curaçao, USA, Canada and South Africa.

Since 1987, David has been teaching and playing at the summer courses organised by ‘the Jazz-Studio’ in Belgium. He can be heard on numerous CDs, radio and TV productions. Currently he tours with Jan Akkerman, C_urb, The New Conrad Miller Trio and Alter Ego.










Discography (Coen Molenaar)



Jamal Thomas, funk don’t move (2018)

The new Conrad Miller Trio, Sounding Silence (2018)

Tristan, neon girls (2018)

Heston , transparency (2017)

Mr Richard Parker, Road of hope (2017)

Writersday, Desert songs (2017)

Tristan, live in concert (2017)

Tristan, lifestyle (2016)

MYCA, all fish in the sea (2016)

AINA , de horizon (2016)

Mr Richard Parker , Road of hope (2016, single)

Writersday, Picking flowers on the moon (2016)

Definite Option , while you were sleeping (2015)

On Impulse, Dernier cru (2015)

Tristan, 2nd Phase (2015)

Tristan, Full power (2014)

On Impulse , On Impulse (2013)

Erica Young, Angel  (2012)

Jan Akkerman , legendary concerts (2011)

Brown Hill, it’s personal (2011)

Jan Akkerman, minor details, (2011)

Sebastiaan Cornelissen trio feat. Randy Brecker (2011)

Rene Engel Group (2011)

Rayn Bechoe (2011)  

Eddy de Clercq, Musique Exotique (2010)

Christmas cover up, with Eddy de Clercq, silent night (2010)

Inge M, I see you (2010)

Duprix, Here I am (2010)

Ruben Hoeke, Coexist (2010)

Brown Hill/ Hitmeister D, will you ever know (2010)

Chris Hinze/Claron mc Fadden, art of baroque (2009)

Bert Barten , Don Quichot, (2009)

Duprix, ep (2009)

Deborah J Carter; blue notes & red shoes ( 2009)

Jan Akkerman, dvd live in concert, the hague jazz festival 2007( 2008)

Jan Akkerman (live in concert 2007)

Jan Akkerman, cu2; live in tokyo, 2007

Carole Denis, ep4b, as the world goes round, 2007)

Chris Hinze , africa impressions ( 2008)

Chris Hinze combination live ( 2008)

Daniel Sensit, part of you (2007)

Berget Lewis , Finally, (2007))

Orange Snow, 2007 (hammond),

Deborah Carter (Daytripper, a Beatles tribute, 2006),

Des'ray ("classics" 2006)

Ger Vos (welcome to my world, 2005)

Chris Hinze combination ("back on the map",2dvd & cd, 2004),

Deborah carter (round moonlight, 2001,/ girl talking' 2004),

Jan Akkerman (I'm in the mood, 2003)

Do (Heaven 2002),

Reno Steba (secret passage, 2000),

U-man (hate to fake, 2002) 

ABOUT The Trio

The New Conrad Miller Trio 


Randy Brecker:

“This is a romantic set by the trio…. every track strikes an emotional nerve and every track has a strong groove that'll capture your heart along with your mind...really liked this!”


{sir} Jan Akkerman:

A total unique style in exploring harmonical technical possibilities in a more Latin as well as a bebop approach. The themes for improvisation sound like common ground, until the trio takes off into in almost separate ways still form a unity in timing and swing.

A delight for the heart, ears and soul.”



‘A nice mix of Keith Jarrett, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Vijay Ayer and Brad Mehldau’


Use of South American rhythms and harmonies combined with traditional Jazz as well as blues and soul result in lyrical, impressionistic compositions. Arrangements are both melancholic and at the same time joyful. Classic harmony and counterpoint coupled with high energy, authentic powerful grooves bring a new color and dimension to the traditional Jazz trio.


“The variety of backgrounds of the three musicians in this new acoustic piano trio brings an original blend of styles and moods”


Coen and Enrique played for years with American Jazz vocalist Deborah Carter, David and Coen are still touring with the legendary Jan Akkerman. David’s all time interest in the Rhythms of the world locks in easily with Enrique’s rich world of rhythm.


The chance to fulfill a long-desired wish to play together in this setting finally arose when German record label Mochermusic invited the trio to record a CD. (Release January 2018). The CD is also released in Japan through AMSA records. (December 2017)