We were very happy and honored that we could use the painting ‘Sounding Silence‘  by Michael Cheval as cover art .


The story behind this artwork (Michael Cheval):


“What sounds echo from our past, what forgotten melodies and voices?  Voices of those who are no longer beside us, music that we can no longer remember, rustle of leaves, a murmur of rain … All that happened long ago and seemingly not with us.

“The melody remains in our memory, but we are unable to reproduce it, as if there are not enough keys on our old piano. These keys form a twirling path that leads far into our past. Following this path, our youth leaves us. Only the rustle of fallen leaves remains, or the rustle of a stranger’s dress, perhaps the rustle of an old record. Such is the sound of our memory’s silence.”

December 2017 'Sounding Silence' will be released in Japan through AMSA Records